In the summer months the weather is generally hot and dry during the day with a maximum temperature between 22 and 35 deg. C. As we are at 700m and higher, it always cools down at night, generally to between 5 and 10 deg. C, it can be colder. It rarely rains – however it is necessary to be prepared with adequate rain gear. It is possible to experience all four seasons in one single day, so the best way to dress is in layers.

We suggest guests come prepared for all eventualities and as a word of warning, the sun is very strong here and we recommend wearing factor 50 suncream and having a hat. Dress is always casual. Providing the sun is shining there is a 24 hour laundry service. Riding Helmets are not a legal requirement in Argentina but this is no reason for not wearing one. We have a few to lend but recommend, for a safer, better fit, that you bring your own.
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