Horse Riding Group Trips


Estancia to Estancia

Only for groups of 4 to 9 riders.

Great riding, hospitality and the chance to understand the history of the region and the people who settled it.

Junin and San Martin de los Andes were difficult to get to even by Patagonian standards – to the west were the high Andes and to the east a large desert.  The first European arrived in 1883, peace was made with the Indians in 1903 and the first settlers arrived in the early 1900’s.  They were well-educated, well traveled and worldly in their outlook – pioneers and adventurers who came from Europe looking for space to create new homes and enterprises for their families.

We visit 3 estancias where today some of their children, grand children and great grand children live protected by the trees their ancestor planted. All are living, working estancias, the herds of sheep have been replaced with herds of Hereford cattle and now they are all beginning to take guests on their family estates; which are a tribute to the success of those pioneers who came to create homes for their families.

Despite these gentle words – remember that in many ways this is still the Last Frontier – the riding is fast, the distances long, the rivers are large, the views are vast and days can be as adventurous as they were in the early 1900’s – but at the end of the day a hot bath will be waiting and the accommodation will be really comfortable.


Across the Andes

Only for groups of 10 to 12 riders.

An Adventure on Horseback from Argentina to Chile!
This is a wild and rugged ride across one of the world’s largest mountain chains dividing two countries which may speak the same language but couldn’t be more different.

On this trip we join up with Loth and Pamela Kutler whose families were amongst the first European settlers in Currarehue. They run pack trips in Chile and always welcome us to their country with a smile and a beautiful lunch. On this spectacular 10 day crossing we set out from Estancia Huechahue in Argentina, together with your sure footed steeds and (often) bulging saddlebags, we cross the vast mountain chain of the Andes and finish in Currarehue, near Pucon in Chile.

Lanin volcano provides a perfect plot point on the horizon, rising larger each day as you travel towards Chile through Argentina’s dramatically changing scenery, eventually crossing the border which lies at its base. We ride from the wide open plains of Argentine Patagonia into the mountains, forests and volcanoes of the Chilean Lake District, through ancient larch, beech and monkey-puzzle forests whilst learning about the area from your guide.

It is a challenging ride and therefore it is essential that all riders are physically fit. The first day is at least 7 hours in the saddle with a considerable amount of cantering. You must be capable of this to come on this ride.

The sights

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The Camping

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